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For over a decade, the David Bach Consort has played countless concerts, festivals, corporate and private parties, clubs, and other events. The Consort brings a concert or festival experience with original compositions and an extensive repertoire of R&B, Pop, Rock, Standards, and traditional jazz tunes. 

You only have to watch a minute of David Bach’s slamming performance at the 2014 Silver Spring Festival on YouTube to realize he’s an explosive, funky player whose band – while still more of a regional sensation – is on par with that of any top act on the contemporary jazz scene. While the urban-funk jazz vibe of Otherworld puts him right in the pocket with the genre’s A-list artists, it’s those other worlds that really give his deeper musical spirit spotlights to shine. I love the bluesy touches on ‘Sapphire’, the way he rocks ‘Rite or Wrong’ and the elegance and ambience of beautiful pieces like ‘Layer of My Heart’. I think Maryland’s best kept secret is out and hopefully this means that fans beyond his home region can expect regular performances of his delightfully eclectic music.”   Jonathan Widran –  jazz reviewer
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