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10 Things About David

  1. At 6 years old, David mimicked his little sister who got the piano lessons. He loved learning her lessons better than she learned them. Finally his parents saw his resolve and gave him piano lessons. His mother would drive him to piano lessons every week until he was in high school.

  2. David wrote most of FIERCE HEART in the last 2 years while recovering from a car accident where a drunk driver hit him. The concept of FIERCE HEART came from all the focus he needed to get back into composing and back to a normal life. 

  3. David's lineage on his fathers' side is extremely musical and mostly musicians. His grandmother, Matilda, was a London Royal Academy of Music graduate in piano, violin, and voice.  

  4. David, as a touring musician and as an Air Force Brat, travelled a lot. His father was a Air Force Colonel and a triple war veteran. David has been to 4 continents, 34 countries and 42 States and has lived in Asia and Europe, including the USA. 

  5. While living in Colorado year's ago, David was a studio musician in Boulder and had the only Poly Moog in town. He got a call for a Poly Moog rental.  When he went to the studio there was this young guy named Prince who needed his Poly Moog.  For 2 weeks David had access to the studio while Prince was creating for his band. It was awe inspiring to see Prince's genius before he was a household name.

  6. David is a recipient of 2 RIAA Certified Gold Records, Yamaha Soundcheck International Music Competition "Best Keyboardist Award" , Maryland "Best Jazz Artist" Music Award,  Maryland Art Council Awards in "Composition" and "Artist Award"  and is in the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame.

  7. David is a lover of music, all and any music that is heartfelt and passionate. He is an advocate of supporting independent music and musicians.

  8. David is a avid lover and practitioner of Yoga.  Iyengar, Haha and Vinyasa are his favorite. 

  9. David studied jazz piano with renown jazz pianist Ted Alexander. 

  10. David's publishing company was named King of Sushi Music when all the obvious names he suggest to ASCAP were already taken.

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